Copperlake Brewery


India Pale Ale - Prominent citrus, floral, pine aroma with fruity character and a slight malty sweetness. Deep red, copper colour.

English Ale - Mild fruity hop aroma. Light copper colour with a moderate white head. Low carbonation. Medium bitterness and maltiness. An easy-drinking beer.

Light Lager - Straw colour, easy drinking beer with clean malty profile, medium body and carbonation. Malty finish.

Rockland Brewery

Rockland Blonde

Blonde - Golden colour with a pleasant aroma. Using only the finest hops from the Northern American region to provide a fruity and refreshing taste with a slight residual sweetness. ABV 4.5%.

American Pale Ale - Dark in colour with a fruity aroma. Mixing different speciality malts gives the Pale Ale its unique colour. This is a hoppy beer. Using several American style hops gives our Pale Ale its full flavoured yet slightly bitter taste. ABV 4.5%.

Stout - Black with a thick foamy head. The chocolate taste comes from the dark malts used. Mildly hopped with European style hops gives the beer a subtle fruity undertone. ABV 5%.

Weissen - Light in colour with a citrus aroma. Slightly dry on the palate with the unmistakable taste of wheat malt. Carefully spiced for the perfect balance to entice your taste buds with crafted perfection. ABV 3.8%.

Lager - German styled lager with an aromatic smell. Typical lager, it has a clear golden colour. Premium lager with a residual sweet aftertaste. The perfect companion on a warm sunny South African day. ABV 5%.

Three Stags Brewery

Three Stags Brewery


Red Deer - A copper coloured American Pale Ale with a refreshing citrus aroma from the Cascade and Perle hops. It leaves you with a dry taste in your mouth. ABV 4.5%.

Moose - A black Oatmeal Stout with red highlights, a light coffee aroma and flavours of chocolate and roasted oats. Leaves you with a sweet dry finish. ABV 4.5%.

Old Mule - A hazy copper Oktoberfest Ale with medium roasted aroma, slightly sweet flavour and a dry finish. ABV 5.3%.

Fools Gold - A golden coloured and lightly hopped Pilsner brewed using the finest Slovenian hops. This beer has refreshing aromatic notes with an upfront sweetness that fades after the first sip. ABV 5%.

Lemonhead - A light Belgium Ale infused with real lemon. A great beer for those hot Johannesburg summer days. ABV 3.5%.

Two Okes Brewery


African Pale Ale - English styled Pale Ale using local hops. It's lightly malted with a good amount of bitterness and low carbonation with pine, mint and citrus aromas. ABV: 4.5% - 5% IBU: 36.4 Colour/EBC: 9.5.

Pilsner - Full bodied German Pilsner lagered at low temperatures with low carbonation. This beer has a subtle floral aroma with a crisp, bitter finish. ABV: 4.5% IBU: 26.5 Colour/EBC: 14.8.

Hefeweizen - American style Weissbier ( Wheat beer ) with a South African twist. The light wheat grain bill and low hops produces a great summer style beer. ABV: 4.5% IBU: 13.7 Colour/EBC: 8.3.

Stout - A sweet Stout with full coffee aroma and a slight chocolate taste that balances the bitterness from the dark malt. A great breakfast beer. ABV: 6% IBU: 26.9 Colour/EBC: 86.7.

Irish Red Ale - An easy drinking low carbonated Irish Red Ale, using local hops to give it an African flavour with hints of biscuit and caramel in the malt. ABV: 4.5% IBU: 19.6 Colour/EBC: 20.3.

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